What is Zeller?

Former Square execs Ben Pfisterer and Dominic Yap are the brains behind the more up-to-date banking solutions for underserved small businesses – Zeller. Established in 2020, Zeller is designed to combine the ability to process payments, transfer funds and deploy capital into a single solution that can be up and running in minutes rather than months.

For a one off price, you will get a cutting-edge EFTPOS terminal that can be used anywhere with WiFi or mobile connectivity. Through an optional sim card, you can use GPRS, 3G or 4G as a backup connection, where Wifi is not available. It comes with a Mastercard linked to a free online merchant account where funds are received on the same day. Alternatively, you can receive payments in your account associated with any Australian bank. The well designed Zeller EFTPOS machine has a large touchscreen display, built-in receipt printer and long-lasting battery.

The Android-based card machine software allows you to enter a payment amount with or without a surcharge and/or tip and you can accept cards via chip, swipe or tap. You can also accept keyed card payments and digital wallets through its contactless function. Zeller terminal acts as a portable checkout, accepting all major credit and debit cards as well as refunding and monitoring transactions.

You can send email or SMS receipts after each transaction, instead of printing receipts. Staff can have their own login and permissions meaning the same EFTPOS machine can be shared between a manager, staff and other company operatives. Refunds and transactions can be viewed and processed refunds in real time all from the terminal screen itself.

Unlike other EFTPOS terminals, Zeller comes with a free Transaction Account online. Flexible solutions, fast same day deposits, clearly stated fair pricing and simple set up makes it a better alternative to business banking.

Popular Features

  • EFTPOS terminal with WiFi or mobile connectivity
  • One off terminal cost
  • Complimentary Mastercard linked to an online transactions account
  • Same day deposits
  • The terminal can be purchased online or at Officeworks
  • Works with all major cards
  • Accepts contactless payment
  • Processes the mobile wallets Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • No monthly fees
  • No lock contracts
  • No termination fees
  • Refunds and chargebacks are free

What is customer service like at Zeller?

Despite its competitive pricing, with Zeller you will have access to an Australia-based customer support every day between 9 am and 1 am Australian Eastern Time, on 1800 935 537. You can also message them on social media or use the knowledge base on their website for an troubleshooting information. Email support is also available at support@myzeller.com.

For faulty terminals, you can get express terminal replacement the same day if based in metro areas. It may take slightly longer in non-metro areas, but their support team makes an effort to resolve any technical issues fast.

Who is Zeller ideal for?

Zeller works with most Australian companies, from sole traders to trusts, partnerships to associations,  schools and even individuals that may not have an ABN number or are considered high-risk merchants such as vape shops.

It predominantly works well for retailers, restaurants, professional services and beauty salons, even the ones with large staff numbers and multiple locations. Being a robust new EFTPOS solution, Zellers appeals to many small businesses in Australia.

Zeller Pros & Cons


  • No monthly fees or lock-in contracts
  • Low transaction rate
  • Online account and complimentary Mastercard included
  • One off terminal cost
  • Same day money transfer


  • Expensive terminal costs
  • No online payments
  • No integration capabilities with third party systems

How much does Zeller cost?

*based on information provided by the vendor. Actual cost may vary.

  • Zeller Terminal Cost is $299 including gst. and 12 month device warranty
  • Chip, tap and swipe fee is 1.4% incl. GST per transaction
  • Keyed payment fee is 1.7% incl. GST per transaction
  • Zeller SIM Card is $15 and then $15 monthly for unlimited data
  • Domestic Mastercard transactions are free but charges apply for overseas transactions.
  • A complimentary Mastercard linked with a free Zeller Transaction account is included in every package
  • Refunds and charge backs are free
  • No monthly fee

Final Thoughts...

Zeller is a efficient EFTPOS terminal linked to an online account for same-day transfers. In spite of being a new venture, it is already proving to be a strong competitor many other providers in the Australian market.

They combine all your payment processing needs in one competitive package – a terminal, online business account and Mastercard. There are contractual commitment either and you can terminate at anytime for no extra fees. This is a stark contrast to what is currently available in the market, with many Australian banks offering the same EFTPOS services on a long-term contracts, monthly fees and high exit fees. Zeller’s low card rate for all payments is also cheaper compared to fixed-rate providers like Square and Mint.

A potential downfall is the lack of integration ability with third party systems like POS, accounting applications or ecommerce software. Which is why it works best as a portable all-in-one EFTPOS terminal for those who only need card payments and quick access to their money.

New terminal features and integrations are currently in development, so soon Zeller might have an even more versatile solution with smarter payments technology and integrated financial services to accelerate cash flow for your business.